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Sumana Hiremath
May 05, 2021
Hurrying him to every hospital she finds, No! They say, “he might have the virus” Coiled in pain, she’s left to watch As he draws his last breath Her worst nightmare unfolds Right at her feet, her little boy’s death Meant to be a consultation Turned into a consolation And died from negligence, At the hands of those meant to save lives Make it make sense! Story of not one, but of hundreds of thousands Day and night, Fields ablaze with the dead For goodbyes we fight But “Leave!” they said One lost his unborn child and wife Another her father and her sister All in one day, and all at a time Who must they confide in? To whom must they cry? From laxed protocols To loose mask mandates Millions danced and celebrated Filling the Ganges with their prayers Kumbh Mela brought together And thousands more at mass rallies Promoted by the very leader “elated” he was, to seem them all All amid this very disaster Yet again, the negligence Of those who claim to lead this way With no more beds And oxygen cylinders From roads to tracks Buses and cars Carrying dying lives in the back While all seems lost And humanity at its verge With little hope for one and all Come together, the few in the world To save the nation from its fall From Help India Breathe to oxygen concentrators To the nation that assisted us, In our hour of need Come together, For the billion people Who now look to the world, To be the answer to their prayers

Sumana Hiremath

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