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Feb 25, 2021
Six days into the New Year and the global image of the United States has already gotten off to a rocky start. President Trump’s Presidency is soon coming to an end, which led to the storming of The Capitol. He encouraged his supporters to march to The Capitol but instead his supporters sparked a riot. They broke windows, doors, tried to kidnap senators, and killed 5 people. The horrifying events have sparked questions about democracy and if the United States has a safe voting system. With that in mind, the events of the past weeks have also drawn comparisons to that of a country with a dictator leader. The events left world leaders outraged and shocked. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said that Trump incitement of these riots "was an assault on democracy". Similar beliefs were also sparked by other world leaders, including Sweden, the United Kingdom, and Mexico. As President-elect Joe Biden’s presidency will be underway, his priority should be to better America’s image, nationally and globally. This can be done through positive interactions with world leaders, including re-joining the Paris Accords and restructuring the USMCA Agreement.


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