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Mukul Kallam
Apr 22, 2021
Overview The American Government, similar to many other foreign bodies, has consistently demonstrated that they possess a “veil” of secrecy in which they attempt to keep all domestic and international affairs exclusive to the Pentagon or CIA. Many of these well hidden secrets are related to homeland security and for the personal wellbeing of America. But when considering the bigger picture and the multitude of flagrant conspiracy theories, an inkling of a question begins to form inside of one’s consciousness. How much information is the United States government withholding from me? How much of that information will actually personally affect me? What should I morally do as an American citizen? Do I deserve to have access to the secret files that the Pentagon safeguards? Roswell New Mexico If you engage with any sort of external media, there is a very high probability that you would have stumbled across the ominous situation surrounding Area 51 and Roswell, New Mexico. For decades, conspiracy theorists have blatantly claimed that the United States government is housing extraterrestrial beings recovered from a supposed “ufo” crash in the middle of a desert in New Mexico. When further considered, these extravagant assertions appear to have some basis behind them. The History channel undertook numerous projects and documentaries that attempted to unravel the whole shroud of mystery that resolves around Area 51 and an extraterrestrial presence. An elderly woman gave a statement to the interviewers, “They came and retrieved what seemed like a small plane crash. I don’t know what it was but the whole situation just felt odd. Then these men who claimed to be from the government came and threatened me not to talk to anyone about what I witnessed.” If this was the account of one woman, you could label it off as a mentally handicapped elderly lady who experienced an event that never occurred. But the uncanny, almost sinister situation took a turn for the worse when twenty-six people came out with similar stories. As they have always done, the United States government denied all the accusations and labeled the crash as a weather balloon malfunction. The imminent problem with the whole Roswell situation is not the supposed extraterrestrial sighting. The adverse issue evidently present is the lack of communication between the American government and the people. Back to the problem in New Mexico, the government did not give a clear answer for a very long time. In fact, whenever questioned about the crash, they brushed it off or gave a politically sound answer. The American people do not need a politically rational response. They need the real answer. They need genuine leaders who oversee the pentagon and CIA. Threatening people to stay quiet about an infamous event does not demonstrate that an administration desired to be transparent. Instead, they want to make radical decisions with no premise and create a considerable dissonance between the people and the leaders. John F Kennedy Assassination J.F.K. was brutally assassinated on November 22nd, 1963. His killer was assassinated the very next day by a man named Jack Ruby. The whole history surrounding J.F.K.’s murder does not fall into any agenda that makes sense. For the last five decades, the United States government has claimed that both men had no relation with Kennedy and committed the crimes randomly. To anybody with any sort of cognitive brain function, they realize that the stories that the government is exploiting have no merit. It was evident that there was a deeper backstory behind the assassination of both Kennedy brothers. Yes. Two John Kennedy and Robert Kennedy both died in an assassination. Even after this, the American government plays it off as a coincidence. Once again, the issue of government transparency becomes apparent. The classified documents relating to the murder of the Kennedy brothers were supposed to be released from the C.I.A. as part of the Freedom of Information Act. But as they always do, the United States government took on the role of “Big Brother” once again and decided to delay the declassification of the documents. When the government takes actions such as this, it becomes evident that they keep citizens in the dark to protect their reputations and uphold their power.

Mukul Kallam

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